Monday, April 13, 2009

Scott Peterson sits on death row for killing his wife and unborn child. According to PEOPLE magazine, his commissary account "has a significant amount of money" from people sending checks from all over the world.

Are you kidding me? I watch an amazing, dedicated group of volunteers struggle to help ensure that Tomorrow's Rainbow will be helping grieving children and their families for years to come. Money that could be spent to help so many worthwhile charities worldwide is helping Scott Peterson buy soda, candy and cookies.

Our economy is rapidly creating a new "death row." Non-profits that work so tirelessly to heal our communities are facing extremely difficult times. Many won't be able to withstand the storm.

How can people be so misguided? How much toothpaste can an inmate possibly need? I vacillate between anger and sadness over this total insanity. I'm so absolutely privileged to have those feelings balanced by the genuine goodness of those that dedicate their time and energy on behalf of grieving children and their families at Tomorrow's Rainbow.

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